Tree Care Services Albuquerque

We have been providing residential and commercial tree care services in Albuquerque, NM for a long time. With a great amount of experience, our crew members handle jobs of all sizes like tree trimming, tree and stump removal services, planting, fertilizing, and so on. You will get the highest value from the team at an affordable price. Call us today!

    Your Local Tree Experts

    Landscaping in Albuquerque looks forward to providing all kinds of landscaping needs, especially tree services at competitive prices. We offer knowledge and quotes to the residents of Albuquerque and aim at advising and addressing projects to turn your landscaping dreams into reality.

    The company delivers tree services along with many other landscaping services. We give our best to the customers that are looking for the right tree expert. Our workers follow the International Society of Arboriculture standards to make sure you enjoy the beauty and healthiness of your property. Besides, we confirm the least amount of maintenance in the future.

    Our clientele is continually expanding as many big companies along with some residential homeowners have shown their satisfaction towards our service. We will be giving you tips and tricks for tree maintenance that will help you avoid calling tree experts every time you need it. Our knowledge, strategies, and experience help you get there with fulfilling your landscaping dreams.

    Residential Tree Services In Albuquerque

    Do you want to hire a company that can offer you all kinds of tree services in Albuquerque are? We are the right choice for you. We are always well-prepared to meet all your tree care needs and make your yard look beautiful.

    Tree Care Services

    Let our experts take care of your trees

    There are certain facts about trees that are generally unknown to a homeowner or anyone who doesn’t share the knowledge of an arborist. Our professionals have extensive experience in treating all kinds of trees. They know exactly what needs to be done with your trees. The tree experts in our team will tell you whether a tree in your yard needs to be trimmed, pruned, or removed.

    Without a scheduled removal, your yard may look really messed up with dead trees everywhere that can be both a nuisance and a hazard on your property. Storms, severe winds, and other environmental factors can cause serious damage to a tree. Our tree experts know what exactly needs to be done to a tree or your whole yard so that you can be prepared.

    Regular Tree Trimming

    We can’t explain enough how important tree trimming is for your residence. There are several benefits that trimming may bring you:

    Don’t forget to follow a scheduled tree trimming or you are likely to go through some maintenance that will cost you more money.

    Our Tree Services

    Tree Trimming

    We all know how trees can influence the beauty of your home by taking the role of outdoor sculpture. Without any doubt, they are a work of natural art. But, like other sculptures, trees require an expert’s hand to look at their best. Our trimming services ensure the health and beauty of your trees.

    Tree Planting

    The most delicate and cost-intensive part of the tree service package is tree plantation. It requires a lot of careful planning along with the delicate touch. Here in LSABQ, our experts have spent their valuable time learning and handling all kinds of trees and making sure that they are planted with proper care.

    Stump Grinding

    It is a very tough and heavy job regarding the power and expertise it requires. Both stump removal and wood chipping need heavy-duty professional equipment that is not typically owned by the homeowner. We have been dealing with these types of jobs as a homeowner must leave it to the professionals.

    Shrub Removal

    We believe we are the ones you should think of first to deal with your shrub removal needs. The reason behind it is that shrubs can be really difficult to remove it they are overgrown and you cannot do that on your own. Calling a shrub removal expert may do the job but we can give you that service at a low rate.

    Tree Pruning

    Here in Albuquerque, Tree Pruning is an important part of your tree care. Like all other tree services, this one requires instruments and expertise that a homeowner doesn’t have. We are your reliable tree experts that can prune your trees correctly for the first time to let them grow in a healthy environment.


    Tree doctors play a vital role in maintaining the health of your trees. We can be your trusted agency taking care of fertilization and other medications for your trees to keep them healthy and free from diseases. Let us help you with your fertilizing needs and avoid going through all the trouble.

    Why Choose Us

    Landscaping In Albuquerque has been your reliable home of tree experts that can provide all kinds of landscaping and tree care services in Albuquerque and it’s surrounding areas. Having a great amount of experience, our workers have gathered practical knowledge on how to deal with residential and commercial tree care services. We are a trustworthy locally-owned company that offers you affordable tree services along with free estimates.