How Do Plants Increase Your Property Value

How Do Plants Increase your Property Value?

You can’t overlook how much value trees add to your property. They add shade, bring oxygen into the air, and give you fruit(well, some of them). But, according to a study published in Landscape and Urban Planning in 2010, trees can increase your property’s value as well. They say, homes with street-faced trees in Portland, Oregon sold for $8879 and 1.7 days faster than the ones without trees.

The PNW Research Station is also saying something similar. They say, a tree in front of your house will increase the price by an average on $7,130.

Don’t you joke – money really does grow on trees? Because, in this case, it really does! They are giving you a 5 to 10 percent boost in your property value.

Why Plants Increase Your Resale Value

Regardless of the state of your house, the curb appeal is always important. The biggest part of your curb appeal includes gardens, yards, lawn, etc. While a landscape is not something you can build overnight, you can do a little bit of work every week to see the shape within a few months. This helps you when you are trying to sell your property and even if you don’t want to, your house gets a good impression.

Best Trees To Increase Your Property Value

To be honest, there are no specific trees that will help your house get more expensive. It is the design and placement that matters. You need to pick up trees that are disease-resistant and well-suited for your house.

By the time the trees grow up and spread up their branches, your property will look one heck of a treat!

Here are some trees that will enhance your curb appeal – 

  1. Northern Red Oak
  2. Sugar Maple
  3. Honey Locust
  4. Shubert
  5. Edibles
  6. Crape Myrtle
  7. Bigleaf Magnolia
  8. Concolor Fir

Should I Plant Fruit Trees?

No one said anything about fruit trees increasing the value as people say it completely depends on the taste of the potential buyer. If someone likes a specific fruit like apple, having an apple tree in your house may be more appealing to him. 

The point is, they don’t do much on the curb appeal as it is more of a personal preference.

You may go for palm trees, but the same logic goes for them as well. If palm trees are abundant throughout your area, you may see a palm tree on your property as a must-have for aesthetics.

Does Cutting Down Trees Work In The Value?

If a tree is not adding a good impression, or if it spreads abnormally, you may cut it or trim it in order to make it look suitable. To maintain your curb appeal, you must maintain your plants. It a tree poses a risk, removing it would be the best decision.

So, these are the scenarios where you want to cut or remove a tree – 

  • Your tree is dead
  • Your tree has branches hanging over the roof
  • Your tree is inside 15 feet (4.57 m) from your home
  • It does not suit the overall scene of your house

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