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Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping includes many features like Lawn Mowing, Cleaning the Yard, Trimming Trees, Planting Seeds, weed trimming, and so on.

It is a good practice to wear lightweight long pants with long-sleeved shirts that offer you sun protection. Don’t forget to wear your hat and sunglasses in case you don’t want to get the ultraviolet rays directly.

It typically is. It requires a lot of time, a great deal of sweating as you will be working under the sun for hours. Also, you need equipment that may or may not be available at the moment. Moreover, you need creativity to make your lawn look good. It is therefore highly recommended to consult a landscaper to deal with these situations.

For small shrubs, it is a good practice to maintain two feet distance. Medium shrubs are good to go with a three while the large ones require 4-5 feet at least.

Lawn Mowing is a regular job that should be done after a certain time. If you don’t do it regularly, your lawn will look seriously ugly and a mess.

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