Sprinkler Installation And Repair

A Guide to Different Types of Sprinklers

It is common to irrigate your lawn with sprinklers, but what kind of sprinkler is right for your Albuquerque, NM lawn? You can choose the right sprinkler type based on your lawn’s specific needs by understanding the difference between sprinkler types. Though Landscaping Albuquerque can always explain the available options and install them, this overview will help you decide. We can help you with your Sprinkler Repair Albuquerque needs.

Automatic vs. Manual

The first major choice will be whether to go with automatic or manual sprinklers. The automatic sprinklers operate according to a schedule and duration you set, and the sprinkler system takes care of everything else. This is great for individuals who have a busy schedule or tend to travel frequently.

A manual sprinkler requires you to turn it on and off manually by hand. Although this is not a major inconvenience, if you are easily distracted and forgetful, it can be easy to neglect it. Automatic sprinklers are almost always a better choice for most homeowners.

Types Of Sprinklers

Choose among the following types of sprinklers next:

  • Rotary Sprinklers: The most popular type of sprinkler for areas with an average diameter of 180 feet is the rotary sprinkler. Rotary sprinklers come in three main varieties: impact, gear-driven, and stream sprinklers. Clay soils are ideal for all three types, as they take longer to distribute water, providing ample time for the soil to absorb it. Gear-driven sprinklers spray water in a continuous pattern, whereas stream sprinklers spray water simultaneously in rotating streams. Impact sprinklers are the noisiest and most high maintenance of the three.
  • Oscillating: An oscillating sprinkler is made up of a rotating disc with holes in it, which sends water through a hose that can be connected to it and moved to different parts of the yard.
  • Fixed-spray: The spray pattern of fixed-spray sprinklers isn’t flexible like rotary sprinklers or oscillating sprinklers, so you’ll have to place them strategically for maximum coverage. They are available for manual operation or automated timing, too.
  • Misting: It’s best not to use rotary sprinklers, which have high-powered streams of water, on flowerbeds which would be damaged by misting sprinklers. Since the streams don’t extend very far, they are not suitable for watering large lawns. You can, however, use them in conjunction with rotary sprinklers to ensure that every part of your lawn receives adequate watering.
  • Pop-up: You can also install pop-up sprinklers to avoid having aesthetically displeasing sprinklers or tripping hazards. When triggered, these sprinklers extend out of the lawn and can spray up to 15 feet.

Call Landscaping Albuquerque today for a sprinkler installation in Albuquerque. Our team of sprinkler installation experts will get you the perfect system for your lawn.